Brushy Creek Ramps

Fee required.

There are two boat ramps located in Brushy Creek Park.  The day-use area has a very nice two lane boat ramp that is right next to the dam.  It has a great boat dock for picking up passengers.  Given the location, this ramp is very protected from the wind.  The parking area is not that big, but it does not look like this ramp is heavily used.

There is a second ramp in the camping area.  This ramp is on a hill and has a steeper downhill grade.  The ramp is very nice and is two lanes.  The boat dock is great and extends well into the lake.  This ramp is not as protected from the wind as the one in the day use area, but still is a great ramp and very east to launch a boat from.

Both of these ramps are in one of the best parks on the lake, Brushy Creek Park.  There are restrooms throughout the park and plenty of parking for trucks and trailers.